High School History and Literature Series: Ancient World Print

High School History and Literature Series: Ancient World Print
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The Creek Edge Press High School History and Literature Series is comprised of a Course Introduction and four year plans covering the Ancient World, Medieval World, Early Modern World, and Modern World. This series moves high school students beyond the grammar and dialectic stages and  toward a critical and informed historical narrative. This course is dynamic. Students are presented with a wide variety of course materials and points of view. Course material is not distilled or framed for the student. Rather, students use research skills to discover and interact with an increasingly adult narrative of history. Student work templates and assignment sheets provide stepping stones that direct students to evaluate and interact with course material in a critical manner. Students are presented with a narrative of history and a body of scholarship that is slippery and full of the contradictions and tensions historians encounter in their work.

The Literature portion of each year plan corresponds to the chronology of the History assignments. Students are introduced to great works of literature, interact with a body of literary scholarship, and develop the ability to think critically about works of literature. Students read literature at a level that is paced to be engaging and challenging. Students are directed to investigate the context and authorship of each work, to define and highlight the use of literary devices in each work, and to assess points made by literary scholars. 

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