American History Task Card Set

American History Task Card Set
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This K-8 course is comprised of discovery-oriented tasks designed to facilitate engaged learning about American History. This set is highly recommended for all K-8 students, especially those in families or schools who are studying history as part of a four or five year history cycle. This card sets is extensive and is intended to stand alone, but it may also be used to complement other studies. K-2nd grade students will enjoy working one on one with a tutor or completing tasks within a group environment. Students in 3rd - 8th grade complete the tasks on the cards working at their own level using materials specific to their stage of learning. Note that each task card set may be used through two cycles of history as students naturally focus primarily on vocabulary, biography, and big events during their first round and begin making connections throughout the second. The cards are arranged chronologically and topically. The tasks direct students toward standard key content and provide subtle direction that allows older students to grasp historical movements and patterns.

Your students will investigate and explore American culture and history through engaged learning designed to introduce and reinforce key content related to American History. This course is comprehensive.  Tasks cover Native Americans to the Dawn of the 21st Century.

Each card set includes the cards themselves as well as a Course Introduction. The Introduction includes instructions for using the cards, step by step instructions for preparing the learning environment, and a guide for selecting books and other materials for completing the course.

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