Chemistry and Great Scientists Task Card Set

Chemistry and Great Scientists Task Card Set
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This K-8 course is comprised of discovery-oriented tasks designed to facilitate engaged learning in chemistry and the history of science through a survey of great scientists. Tasks cover key content at the grammar stage level with a focus on the vocabulary of chemistry and familiarity with the periodic table that will serve them well in their future study. This course is recommended for students in grades 3-6th who are new to the study of Chemistry. It is also recommended for students in grades 7-8 who would benefit from an in depth study of basic chemistry concepts and the elements that make up the periodic table either as a stand alone course or as a complement to their other studies.

Your student will investigate the periodic table through an in-depth study of the atoms. A survey of the great scientists provides a framework for exploring the history of science. Labs are included in the tasks through the use of student lab kits.

This task card set includes the Chemistry and Great Scientists Task Card set and a Course Introduction. The Introduction includes instructions for using the cards, step by step instructions for preparing the learning environment, and a guide for selecting books and materials to use throughout the course.




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