Earth and Space Task Card Set

Earth and Space Task Card Set
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This K-8 course is comprised of discovery-oriented tasks designed to facilitate engaged learning in earth science, weather, space, the planets, and constellations. Your students will build a foundation for the study of earth science and space through an investigation of their distinctive features. They will explore weather and be introduced to the wonders of space. An exploration of the planets and constellations that make up our Solar System wrap up the course. The concepts in this course are accessible to younger students making this a top choice for students in grades K-2 who would enjoy working through the tasks with a tutor or completing the tasks within a group environment. The tasks provide depth for students in grades 3-8.

Includes a set of Earth and Space Task Cards and a Course Introduction. The Introduction includes instructions for using the cards, step by step instructions for preparing the learning environment, and a guide for selecting books and other materials for the course.

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