Recitation and Enrichment Vol. 5 - Print Version

Recitation and Enrichment Vol. 5 - Print Version
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Recitation and Enrichment Vol. Five

This volume includes 32 week plans which incorporate:

  • Selections for Copywork, Dictation, and Recitation. These are designed to correspond with your students' geography and culture studies, and are drawn from poetry and folk tales from a variety of cultures. An innovative tiered approach is explained in detail and allows all levels to learn and work together.


  • Memory work in Physical Science, Math, Latin Grammar, English Grammar, and Geography and Culture Sentences. Recitation selections are designed to balance the challenging aspects of incorporating memory work. Realistic pacing tempers a rigorous program of recitation. All of the assigned definitions, chants, and sentences convey meaning without neglecting structure.


  • Enrichment topics are drawn from Nature Study, Geography, Vocabulary, Fine Arts, Manners, and Character. Designed to meet a need for relational learning, this innovative format eases preparation
    and provides a focus on aural exposure, vocabulary, group exploration, and discussion.


  • Customizable sections for noting material to read aloud and additional areas of study, if desired.

The appendix includes resource lists, complete History, Latin, English, and Science Recitations; and a set of Montessori style three part history timeline cards, which are designed to provide visual recognition of vocabulary as well as experience with dates and concurrent civilizations.

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